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Varadan Auto Self Cleaning Filter
Gvaradan Gvaradan
Design Features
  • Filter housing design as per ASME Sec VIII Div. 1
  • Imported Welded Wedge Wire filter element .
  • Non clogging imported wedge wire filter element for 2D surface filtration
  • Motor driven brush cleaning assembly
  • Continuous cleaning of filtering surface
  • Flow direction, inside to outside w .r . to filter element
  • Controller with “Auto, manual & Power Save’ modes
  • Purging / draining of slurry based on preset differential pressure & / or preset timer
  • Purging independent of cleaning cycle unlike in backwash systems
  • Electro-pneumatic purge / drain valve.

  • Continuous filtration, unattended operation
  • Clean-in-place filtration
  • Safe & hygienic operation
  • Complete process & operator safety
  • Small foot print, least space requirement
  • Least maintenance

With the drain / purge valve closed, feed liquid enters the filter as its inlet nozzles and fills the filter element and the housing before coming out through the outlet nozzle as filtrate.

Filtration takes place inside to outside with respect to filter element. All those solid particles larger than the slot opening (i.e. filtration rating) are retained on its surface while the smaller particles escape. As the rotating brushes continuously clean the filtering surface, filtration rate is normally not affected. Since the drain / purge valve is closed solid particles get concentrated inside the filtering element. This may lead to increase in differential pressure between the inlet and the outlet. Based on the preset differential pressure DP Switch is not necessarily provided always & is optional) or the preset timer drain / purge valve automatically opens for a brief period discharging the slurry concentrated with solid particles. A control panel monitors the complete filter operation.
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